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Serafino BP

Serafino grew up in the frigid waters of California and the temperate of the Mediterranean. He was exposed from an early age to the diverse life and vast wonders of the ocean. As a boy, he would spend an entire day snorkeling and free diving to explore the various creatures living in the nooks and crevices of the underwater world. This love matured along with him and he became a certified SCUBA diver at the age of 15. He became a PADI OW Instructor thirteen years later. 

In 2020 shortly after moving to Florida, Serafino plunged into cave diving.  After having  read an inspirational book on Cave Diving, Serafino was surprised that he had not thought of trying it before.  Serafino had to look no further than the second to none instructors at Cave Adventurers for top notch training. Now being certified to explore the labyrinth of caves utilizing all tools available, Serafino has taken his diving to new levels with a laundry list of technical and overhead  certifications.

His love for photography emerged after spending many years assisting his professional photographer father during photoshoots and learning the skills of the trade. This started at a very young age and persisted through my adult years. Always with a camera in hand, Serafino has honed his ability to capture action and adventure above and below water. You can see some of his work on his personal website listed below. His style relies on the classic photography process with minimal post-processing, stemming from his training in film photography. The style is meticulous, unique, and refined to create a true  story of the exciting adventure being undertaken.

Photo shoots of your training or fun dives are available upon request. Cost varies upon intended usage of photos and the complexity of photo shoot/dives.

All photos on this site are provided by Serafino BP

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