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Rebreather Training

Take a deep breath, then take it again.

KISS Sidewinder

KISS - Keeping it simple, the KISS sidewinder is a body conforming cave diving master. The rugged no frills rebreather is here to get the job done. Mount in on your favorite sidemount rig and go for a dive. Squeezing through tight spots will be no issue for the Sidewinder. 


Divesoft Liberty BM

The Divesoft Liberty line of rebreathers are state of the art. The quality and craftmanship are second to none. Whether deep wreck diving, or miles from the exit, the redundancy offered by Divesoft Liberty rebreathers will get you home safe.

Dive Rite O2ptima CM

The Dive Rite O2ptima Chest Mount is a versatile do it all electronically controlled rebreather. It is the Jack of All Trades when it comes to rebreathers. Strap it on to your favorite diving rig whether sidemount or backmount and hop in the water. The versatility of the O2ptima CM is unmatched.


Liberty Sidemount

Offering all of the state of the art tech and redundancy of it's full size counterpart, the Divesoft Liberty Sidemount will always be by your side. Use it as a bailout rebreather or your primary go to. The Divesoft LIberty SIdemount will let you sneak past tight restrictions or help you get out of a bad spot.

KISS Sidekick

The Kiss sidekick is a force to be reckoned with in the sidemount rebreather market. This system was created in response to the needs of cave divers and explorers working in situations where back-mounted rebreather's create a hindrance. The sidekick has a manual oxygen add valve with constant flow orifice. 

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