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Edd Sorenson

Edd has been pioneer of the cave diving community  lecturing many times over the past decade on the topic of safe diving procedures and techniques of cave rescue/recovery. Among other writing projects, Edd has co-autored the PSAI Dive Propulsion Vehicle ( DPV )  manual which was the first of its kind to established standards for safe operation of DPV’s in open water and overhead environment. 

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Edd's Story

Edd started diving in 1996 and within couple of years his curiosity and sense of adventure had pushed him into the sport’s most challenging activity: cave diving.


Edd was one of the original members of the all volunteer International Underwater cave Rescue  and Recovery ( IUCRR ) which was founded in 1999. 


In 2003, Edd and his partner Stacy Martin, started Cave Adventurers in Marianna, Florida and that same year Edd began to training the Jackson Co. Sheriff’s dive team and later Marianna Fire De[t. dive team to respond to incidents involving divers in cave environment. 


The most amazing results of Edd’s efforts in the cave diving community is that, in sport where mistakes usually results in the recovery of the body, Edd has had four successful cave rescues in 2012 alone. For his heroism and readiness to risk his own life while helping others in unforgiving environment Edd was awarded by first-ever Diver’s Alert Network ( DAN ) Hero Award in 2012, three Heroic Merit Awards and the Instructor Trainer of the Year award  from the Professional Association International ( PSAI ) for his effort in 2012. In January 2013 he received the “ Edd Sorenson Outstanding Achievement “ award from Aquatic Science Association ( ASA ) . 

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